16 May 2008

Windows Server 2008: "an invalid event ID was entered"

I was busy setting up my Windows Server 2008 system and installed Hyper-V as a role. I noticed that Server Manager reported some events for Hyper-V. Investigated them and turned out that Hyper-V standard reports a warning when a system is rebooted.

Windows Server 2008 now has the option to filter events for installed roles. I had no problem filtering one event by just entering "-14100" (without the quotes), but later when I tried to filter some additional events I received the error as stated in the title "an invalid event ID was entered".

The error message suggested that I'm using incorrect syntax, but as you can see I'm using the same syntax as in the example. If I use the same syntax to filter events in Event Viewer it all works like expected. A search at Google and Microsoft gives no satisfying results, therefore created this post. Hopefully more people has seen this error with a possible solution.

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