23 May 2007

The hard Part of WinForm (Visual Studio)

Logic is one part of programming, but I now realize that the hard part when creating an application is the graphic interface. I have recreated my GUI for the third time. Finally I have a design which I think is simple and easy to use. It just looks like a normal program.. ;-)

First Design:
My first steps in the design of the GUI. Looks nice and simple, but I need some more buttons and options. The style is too basic for the program.

This looks bad, very bad:
This is an example no to do it. Every button you think you need on one window. It works, but not user friendly.

Final Design, at least for now:
With a menu bar it looks more like every other program. I can hide some user controls, but most of all: it’s more user friendly. It can also show some information to the user.

I will add some extra status information, but it won’t be a fancy carnival.

12 May 2007

Profile Cleanup VB.NET style

As told previously, my next plan was to build the profile cleanup with VB.NET. This will result in an application useable by almost everyone. I'm making great progress in the last days. I'm a complete Visual Basic or VB.NET newby so it will take longer to complete. I have to change a lot of code, but it is a nice challenge.

I only have to integrate the external tools like takeown.exe and xcacls.exe and make some control checks. I keep you updated!