10 October 2007

Visionapp Remote Desktop

As an Administrator you probably uses the program Remote Desktops from Microsoft to access your servers. This works perfect, but has a big disadvantage. The problem is that you can’t sort the list with servers.

A new colleague showed me today an product which you can sort and acts just like Remote Desktops. It’s called Visionapp Remote Desktop. Version vRD 1.5 has also support for Vista.
You can now organize your servers in your own specific needs (geographic, alphabetical, etc, etc.)

Special Functions:
• Credential organizer. You can make groups of servers which uses the same credentials to login. You can direct the credentials to these groups so you don’t have to supply the credentials to each server individually. NOTE: Please don’t forget the security risks when using this option. The security risk is the same when using Remote Desktop, but the difference is the time saving option to distribute the credentials to a group of servers.
• Tabs with connected servers.
• Different icon when connected. Easily see to which servers you’re connected.
• Connect and disconnect groups of servers.
• Password protected backup file of configuration. Distribute your configuration easy and secure to colleagues.
• And much more…

There’s also another big advantage, because this program is freeware.

You can download it HERE at the site of Visionapp. NOTE: you must register first to download.

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Benzin said...

You could also go for RHUB http://www.rhubcom.com, Remote Desktop. With online hosted solutions you have the problem of escalating monthly subscription fees. RHUB appliance can be owned with a flat one-time fee, and since it is an appliance, it’s much more secure.