23 May 2007

The hard Part of WinForm (Visual Studio)

Logic is one part of programming, but I now realize that the hard part when creating an application is the graphic interface. I have recreated my GUI for the third time. Finally I have a design which I think is simple and easy to use. It just looks like a normal program.. ;-)

First Design:
My first steps in the design of the GUI. Looks nice and simple, but I need some more buttons and options. The style is too basic for the program.

This looks bad, very bad:
This is an example no to do it. Every button you think you need on one window. It works, but not user friendly.

Final Design, at least for now:
With a menu bar it looks more like every other program. I can hide some user controls, but most of all: it’s more user friendly. It can also show some information to the user.

I will add some extra status information, but it won’t be a fancy carnival.

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